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A seamless and durable solution for replacing missing teeth, and restoring functionality by maintaining the alignment of the teeth.
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Restore Your Smile with a Dental Bridge for 1 to 3 Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is an effective solution for filling gaps caused by one to three missing teeth, enhancing both the look and health of your mouth. This custom-made false tooth, or teeth, can be anchored securely using dental implants, your existing natural teeth, or a blend of both. Often known as a ‘fixed partial denture’, a dental bridge is permanently attached to your teeth, offering the convenience of not having to be removed for sleeping or cleaning.

Opting for a dental bridge is not only about improving your smile. It plays a crucial role in maintaining your overall oral health. Missing teeth can lead to challenges in speaking or eating properly. Additionally, gaps can allow your remaining teeth to shift, potentially causing further dental issues. By choosing a dental bridge, you’re taking a significant step towards long-term oral wellness and a confident, full smile.

Long-Lasting Benefits of Dental Bridges

Experiencing a missing tooth or teeth can impact our self-esteem and comfort. Dental bridges not only restore your smile to its natural state but also offer enduring benefits for the health of your other teeth and jawbone. Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages of choosing a dental bridge:


The benefits are immediate and tangible. Regain your natural look and feel, allowing you to smile and eat with renewed confidence. Dental bridges effectively address the discomfort and challenges associated with missing teeth, such as difficulty in speaking or eating. With proper care, these bridges can provide comfort and functionality for over a decade.


Teeth rely on each other for support and play a vital role in maintaining facial structure. When teeth are missing, it can lead to bite alterations and create space for other teeth to shift. Dental bridges prevent this movement, thereby reducing the risk of tooth decay, periodontal disease, jaw pain, and TMJ disorders caused by misaligned teeth.

Enhanced Bone Strength

Strong, stable teeth are crucial for a healthy jawbone. As dental health deteriorates, so does the condition of the bone and tissues supporting our teeth. By stabilizing your dental health with a bridge, you can significantly slow down the rate of bone loss associated with missing teeth.

Breaking Down the Cost of Dental Bridges

The cost of a dental bridge in Brownfield can vary significantly based on individual needs. For those with a typical insurance plan, the average cost ranges from about $800 to $1200 or more. Without insurance, you might expect to pay approximately $2000 to $3000 and upwards.

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Dental Bridge:

  • Bridge Type and Material: The specific type of bridge and the materials used in its construction play a crucial role in determining the cost.
  • Number of Missing Teeth: The cost increases with the number of teeth that need to be replaced.
  • Procedure Location and Complexity: The area where the bridge is needed and the complexity of the procedure also affect the price.
  • Condition of Adjacent Teeth: The health and stability of the teeth next to the gap are crucial factors.
  • Specific Treatment Supplies and Equipment: The unique supplies and equipment required for your treatment can influence the overall cost.

It’s important to note that no dental practice can provide an accurate cost estimate over the phone. Your dental needs are as individual as your smile. An in-person consultation and oral exam with a dentist are essential to explore all your treatment options and receive a precise quote. If you have dental insurance, the dental office can provide a quote for you to submit to your insurance company, helping you understand your out-of-pocket expenses before making a decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to replace one or more missing teeth by anchoring an artificial tooth to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants.

With proper care and maintenance, dental bridges can last 10-15 years or even longer.

The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, so it’s generally not painful. Some discomfort or sensitivity may be experienced after the procedure, but it’s usually manageable with over-the-counter pain medication.

Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are essential. Special flossing tools like floss threaders or water flossers may be recommended to clean under the bridge.

Dental bridges are fixed and can only be removed by a dentist.

The cost varies depending on factors like the type of bridge, materials used, and the number of teeth involved. Generally, prices range from $800 to $3000 or more.

Many dental insurance plans partially cover the cost of dental bridges. It’s best to check with your insurance provider for specific coverage details.

The process usually requires two or more visits over a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the bridge and the healing time required.

Alternatives include dental implants and removable partial dentures.

Not replacing a missing tooth can lead to shifting of adjacent teeth, bite problems, and potential bone loss in the jaw.

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