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Dental crowns offer a reliable solution for restoring damaged teeth, effectively enhancing both function and aesthetics. They provide patients with a durable, long-lasting option for improving their smile, ensuring both oral health and confidence are maintained.
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Flawless Tooth Restoration with Dental Crowns

A dental crown acts as a protective “cap” for teeth that are broken, have undergone root canal treatment, are discolored, decayed, or misshapen. These crowns, tailored to match the color and shape of your natural teeth, offer a seamless fit and can endure over 15 years. Additionally, crowns are often utilized to anchor dental bridges, complete dental implants, or for various cosmetic enhancements, contributing to both functional and aesthetic improvements.

The Dental Crown Procedure: What to Expect

Undergoing a dental crown procedure typically involves two visits to the dentist’s office.

Tooth Examination and Preparation

The process begins with a thorough dental examination. The dentist will inspect and clean your teeth, preparing them for a smooth crown fitting. In cases where the tooth is extensively damaged or decayed, we’ll remove the affected areas to allow the crown to effectively shield the tooth from further harm.

Crafting the Perfect Crown

We then use dental putty to create an impression of your teeth, which serves as a blueprint for crafting your bespoke full porcelain crowns. During this period, you’ll be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your teeth until your next visit. For those replacing a missing tooth with an implant, an impression of the implant and adjacent teeth is taken to custom-design your crown.


On your second visit, we’ll replace the temporary crown with your permanent one. The crown is affixed firmly using strong dental cement or a concealed screw. We finalize the procedure by polishing the crown and making any necessary adjustments, ensuring your utmost comfort and the crown’s stability.

How Much Is A Dental Crown In Brownfield

The cost of a dental crown can significantly differ from one individual to another. For those with a standard insurance plan, the average cost per crown ranges from approximately $200 to $600 or more. Without insurance coverage, you might expect to pay somewhere between $800 to $1200 and above. Many find the decision to opt for a dental crown straightforward when considering the benefits of restored oral functionality and aesthetics, though the cost can be a consideration.

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Dental Crown:

  1. The specific type and material of the crown.
  2. The location of the tooth and complexity of the crown placement.
  3. The total number of crowns needed.
  4. Integration of the crown with other dental devices, such as bridges.
  5. The particular supplies and equipment necessary for your treatment.

It’s crucial to note that an accurate cost estimate cannot be provided over the phone. Each patient’s situation is as individual as their smile. A personal consultation and oral examination with a dentist are essential to explore all treatment options and receive a precise cost estimate. For those with dental insurance, we can provide a detailed quote for submission to your insurance provider, helping you understand your out-of-pocket expenses before making a decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Crowns are needed for a variety of reasons, including protecting a weak tooth, restoring a broken tooth, covering a dental implant, or improving the appearance of a tooth.

With proper care, dental crowns can last between 5 to 15 years, or even longer.

Care for it like your natural teeth: regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are essential.

Usually, it takes two visits – one to prepare the tooth and place a temporary crown, and another to place the permanent crown.

Immediately after placement, avoid hard or sticky foods. Once fully set, crowns can handle most foods, but it’s wise to be cautious with very hard or sticky items.

It encases the entire visible part of the tooth, providing a strong, protective shell.

The cost varies depending on the material and complexity but typically ranges from $800 to $1200 without insurance.

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